Gate Valves

A valve which opens when a round gate or wedge is turned to remove its obstruction from the path of fluid flowing in a pipe is called a gate valve. The device is made up of stainless steel and alloy. They are used in line with the flow of the liquid in the pipe fitting. The gate acts like an opening or a closing barrier that can regulate the flow of the liquid through it when the gate is turned.

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Detailed Description for Gate Valves

Gate valves are linear motion valves in which a flat element slides into and out of the flow stream to provide shut-off or opening respectively.

They are designed for on-off services. They are designed to have a full area flow to minimize the pressure drop and allow the passage for pipe cleaning. Most of the flow variations occur neat the shut-off. This high fluid velocity causes disk and seat wear and eventually lead to leakage. As the gate is opened, the path of flow is enlarged in non linear manner. The gate valves must be used in fully opened or fully closed manner. When the gate is opened half way, the vibration of flow of the liquid causes the valve disk to rupture.


The gates are of two kinds,

·       Parallel gate valves: They have a flat disc gate between the parallel seats. The valve is closed by lowering the disks from the valve neck. The disk converts downward stem force into axial and presses the parallel disks firmly sealing the opening.

·       Wedge shaped gate valves: There is disk flexibility in wedge design. This flexibility also allows the wedge to seal more easily and reduces stickiness in the sealing surfaces. The disk is installed vertically. It is used for non-condensing gasses and corrosive liquids at room temperatures. They are a practical design for turbulent flow of liquids. There are two types of wedge: solid wedges, they are used in almost all fluid flows. Flexible wedges, they are used in steam systems.


There are three main parts,

1.    Body: The body of the gate valve holds all the operational parts of valve. It is installed and operated by using mounting features like threaded, bolt flange, tube fitting, metal face seal etc.

2.    Bonnet: It contains moving parts. It can be removed from the body to allow maintenance and repairs.

3.    Trim: This part of the valve has functional components like stem, seat, gate, disc etc which helps in opening and closing of the valve.


1.    They are available in wide variety of sizes.

2.    It can be used with slurries and viscous liquids

3.    Easy to install and disassemble

4.    Cost effective means of fluid control

5.    Safe with fire and accidental chemical damage

6.    Can be used bidirectional.

·       They have applications in flow involving slurries as the gate can cut right through it.

·       They are used in viscous liquids like heavy oils, molasses, honey, cream and varnishes.

·       They are optimal in applications that involve cleanliness and sanitary conditions.

·       They are used in industries like oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, automotive and marine.

·       They are used in demanding environments involving high pressure and temperature as seen in power plants, mining and water treatment.

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