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4S - V336L Knife Gate Valves by Fouress Engineering is the Sharp Solution to Heavy Fluid Shutoff Problems. The Knife Gate valve has precision-buffed knife plate which can cut even the heaviest Sludges, sharply and without erosion. The one-piece trim can provide corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high-performance shutoff over a long service life. It is also compact and lightweight.

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FOURESS ENGINEERING (INDIA) LTD. is the flagship company of the FOURESS GROUP of companies and commenced operations in 1962 with the manufacture of carbon steel industrial valves at Thane.


Today the FOURESS GROUP in India represents a major strength in Fluid Isolation & Control, Power Generation & Propulsion Systems together with mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic devices of actuation and motion transmission applicable to fluid power machinery, thus placing us among the leaders "IN THE BUSINESS OF FLOW"




Today, FOURESS is a confluence of specialist technologies in the field of flow. It has developed diversified technical strengths in the vast arena of flow sciences. It is believed that no other company has such comprehensive and heterogeneous range of custom designed product capabilities. Consequently the multi-disciplinary engineering capability is an invaluable asset of the Fouress group. Intertwining the technologies of global leaders, many license agreements have resulted into joint ventures, co-production agreements for global markets and joint marketing agreements with erstwhile and current overseas technology partners.


Engineering & Capability :


  • Assimilation of technology through innovative marketing, engineering developments and unique manufacturing processes.
  • Over 40 years of experience has resulted in independent development of custom engineered products in the field of Fluid Isolation, Control, Regulation, Propulsion, Power Generation and lately the Noise Abatement and Heat Retention in flow path.
  • Flow model testing and simulation techniques using advance design tools, are routinely applied for products development and proof design.
  • Use of hydraulic research laboratory, life cycle testing, finite element analysis, modeling techniques et al., are the means to validate basic design

Comprehensive Production Facilities :


  • Manufactured in 7 manufacturing plants owned by the group in the country.
  • Modern manufacturing equipment supported with 1200 men for production activities


FOURESS made a humble beginning with the manufacture of carbon steel industrial valves, over four decades ago. Today, Fouress Group in india has developed its capabilities in the diverse field of Fluid Engineering to position ourselves deservingly in the "Business of Flow".

Fouress Engineering (India) Ltd. (FEIL) contributes its major strength in the field of Industrial Valves of various types and sizes; all the way from plain fresh water service at low pressure to extreme duties of hydro-carbon processing, from superheated steam and hot blast gases at 1300°C in steel plants to cryogenic temperatures, in the size range of a 3mm needle valve to mammoth 4000mm hydro-electric turbine inlet valves and even larger gas line valves up to 6 mtrs., square duct dimensions; from plain hand lever drive to operation. By complex electro-hydraulic multi point control drives or state of the art profibus communication protocol through electric and pneumatic actuators and PLC based computer commands.

In short, the Fouress Industrial Valves range covers every conceivable duty of fluid isolation, regulation and control.



The Sharp Solution to Heavy Fluid Shutoff Problems

Sludges, slurries, powders. Problem fluids that challenge today’s pulp and paper, chemical, textile and sewage plants.

FOURESS meets this challenge, by refining the Knife Gate Valves. A precision-buffed knife plate cuts even the heaviest Sludges, sharply and without erosion. One-piece trim provides corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high-performance shutoff over a long service life. FOURESS’s compact, lightweight Knife Gate Valves have been handling the industry’s problem fluids dependably for over 30 years.


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