Leaf Valves

Leaf valves are powered from hydraulic sources. The length of the device ranges from 25-35mm and above, diameter from 13-26mm and above, breadth from 16-38mm and above, size from ½ -4 inch and above. The pressure ranges up to 40 bar. This valve is mainly used in gas, water and oil industries.

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Leaf valve filter device is a type of pressure filtration apparatus. Under pressure, the solid elements in the filtrate will be stuck on the filter leaves leading to the formation of filter cake gradually. Under the influence of the pressure, the filtrate moves through the filter cake. Then the filtrate outflow tube body through the filter tip. In the end we can  get clear filtrate.

The thickness of the filter cake thickens with the increase in filtration time. With the increase in filter resistance, the tank pressure steadily increases to a certain value. Then we must be slagging.

Halt pumping the filtrate into the chamber and blow compressed air through the tank overflow tube. Once the fluid is exhausted, blow the vapour (or air) into the chamber to dry the filter cake. Then the vibrator triggers, so that the vibration response of the filter, the filter cake on the leaves shaking off the bottom surface of the tank through the slag ejection valve body.


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·         Applicable Medium: Water/Oil/Gas


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