Double Beat Valves

Double Beat Valves are powered from hydraulic, pneumatic, solenoid and electric sources. The length of the device ranges from 150-240mm and above, breadth from 100-145mm and above, height from 120-150mm and above, diameter from 125-180mm and above, size from ½ to 4 inch and above, voltage from 220-500V and above. The operating temperature is -20 to 110 degree celsius and pressure ranges up to 25 bar. It is manufactured using brass, cast iron & stainless steel and used by oil and gas industries.

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The shape of the double beat valve is of hollow cylinder with two seats of approximate diameter, at A and B in the figure. The cylinder is attached to the actuating rod by a web. The energy needed to lift the valve is determined on the basis of variance between diameters D and d: the smaller this difference can be made, the less the power necessary to open the valve. The steam drifts past seat B only. In later progression of the valve, the central portion is waisted so that the flow can pass at A as well, so expanding the valve opening area for the same amount of lift.

 Double Beat Valves is a kind of poppet valve arranged to permit it to be unfastened against a high pressure with a slightest force. One of its applications is in steam engines to all steam to move into the cylinders and to discharge the exhaust.



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