Pilot Valves

Pilot valves are powered from hydraulic, pneumatic, solenoid sources. The length ranges from 25-35mm and above, breadth from 16-38mm and above, height from 20-25mm and above, diameter from 13-26mm and above, size from ½- 4 inch. The device is manufactured from iron and stainless steel. It is used by water industries, electronic industries and in fire control systems.

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A pilot valve is a small valve that regulates a limited-flow control feed to a discrete piloted valve. Typically, this valve monitors a high pressure or high flow feed. Pilot valves are useful because they permits a small and easily operated feed to check a much higher pressure or higher flow feed, which would then require a much larger force to operate; indeed, this is even beneficial when a solenoid is used to operate the valve.



·         Flexible opening and closing, simple operation, reliable sealing, no leakage.

·         Slow opening and slow closing adjustable function.

·         Manual or automatic control.

·         Controllable to realized constant flow.

·         Horizontal or vertical connection and installation.


·         Small overshoot, working with microcomputer, repeatability error <3%.


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