Pinch Valves

A Pinch valve is type of control valve that uses pinching effect to obstruct the flow of the fluid. They are used in applications that require complete isolation from the parts of the valve like medical instruments, chemical analyzers and other laboratory equipments. They are mainly employed to regulate the amount of flow of liquid through the valve.

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Detailed Description for Pinch Valves

Pinch valves are relatively inexpensive and simplest in design. They are suitable for on-off and throttling services. They are commonly used for control flow of coarse medium.

Pinch valves employ a linear method of control. The flexible disc is similar to a diaphragm. The stem has a free moving connection to a moving bar called compressor. This compressor helps in squeezing the support to close the valve. The pressure generated helps in opening and closing the valve.

Pinch valves consist of body and sleeve.

1. Sleeve: This contains the flow matter. It effectively isolates the matter from the environment thus reducing contamination.

2. Body: It has a flexible elastomeric body that can be pinched off to cut the flow of material. Due to their elastomeric bodies, they are not suitable to transport media at a high temperature.


 Open body pinch valves

 Close body pinch valves

 Chain operated pinch valves

 Gear operated pinch valve

 Pneumatically operated pinch valves


1. They can be closed completely and provide a 100% tight shut off even for solids and slurries.

2. Maintains a clean environment with complete isolation

3. Minimal turbulence

4. Low contamination

5. Low maintenance

6. Explosion proof

7. Inexpensive

Commonly used in industries,

 Bulk and solid handling

 Chemical industry

 Food industry

 Waste water treatment

 Beverages manufacturing industries

 Ceramic and plastic industry


1. They are used where corrosion or metal contamination might be a problem

2. Industries such as mining, mineral processing, paper & pulp, sand, gravel etc uses this type of valve.

3. It is applied where scale problems are often caused.

4. Any ON-OFF valve applications where full bore is required

5. It is used in pneumatic conveying and food grade pinch valves.

6. Unobstructed flow reduces pumping cost

7. Single wearing part reduces having a spare parts inventory in industries



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