Rocker Valves

Rocker Valves are also known as rocker arms and is powered from hydraulic, pneumatic, solenoid sources. The length ranges from 25-35mm and above, breadth from 16-38mm and above, height from 20-25mm and above, diameter from 13-26mm and above, operating temperature from -40 to 250 degree celsius and pressure ranges up to 68 bar. The device is manufactured from brass, stainless steel and alloy. It is used in various types of engines.

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A rocker valve is a pivoted lever which is used in an internal combustion engine utilized to transfer cam lobe or pushrod motion to a valve stem.

One end of the valve is raised and lowered by a rotating lobe of the camshaft while another end acts on the valve stem. The drive cam is regulated by the camshaft. Which, subsequently, pushes the rocker arm up and down about the rocker shaft.

Many high strength and light weight alloys, and bearing configurations for the fulcrum, had been used in an attempt to increase the RPM limits for high performance applications. 




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