Saddle Valves

Saddle valves are powered from hydraulic and pneumatic sources. The length ranges from 25-40mm and above, height from 20-25mm and above, diameter from 13-26mm and above, operating temperature from -10 to 180 degree celsius and pressure ranges up to 80 bar. The device is manufactured from brass and stainless steel. It is used in water, gas and acid industries.

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A saddle valve is a valve used to supply liquid where low volume, low pressure steam is required. These valves are typically used to supply water via some tube to humidifiers and ice makers. A saddle valve is fitted directly on to a copper tube pipe. This is a self-tapping device. Once mounted on a line with the included rubber seal in place, all which is required then is to turn the valve clock wise until it pierce the water line. Turning the handle anti-clockwise opens the valve.

These valves can easily be installed without shutting off the main water supply.



Saddle valves are prone to leakage.

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