Velcro Disc

Velcro disc is used for all sanding and deburring applications on metal, wood, plastics and composites, easy to replace when worn. Ideal for the grinding and finishing of metals, woods, automotive materials, and stone.Size (mm) : 100,115, 125, 150,180 etc...

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 Velcro disc is easy to replace when worn out. The everlasting grains and paper backing significantly extend the already long life. The Velcro's cushion prevents deep marks. Ideal for the grinding and finishing of metals, woods, automotive materials, and stone. 

Durable aluminium oxide, silicon carbide or zirconia discs with Velour backing. Used for all sanding and cleaning applications on metal, wood, plastics and composites. Also available in silicon carbide.


Made with premium aluminium oxide grain, gold salt, these are the most efficient disc roll packages available. Their no loading pressure delicate paper remarkably decreases grit or dust contamination. Their durable backing provides a long shelf life. They are accessible with or without emptiness holes, it is fixed on hand rubber disc of pneumatic or electric tools. Grinding and polishing car, flow wood, paint and metal.





1. Working life is long.

2. Speedy heat dissipation, will not burn the work piece.

3. High-quality of degree of finish.

4. High quantity of grinding.

5. The back flocking, be easily distinct with adhesive sand disc. Velcro disc compared with adhesive sand disc: easier replacement; grinding efficiency are better; can be soaked in water grinding, a greater degree of improvement of abrasion resistance.

6. High intensity, high tensile



 Widely used in various kinds of processing industries, primer painting in metal processing while the grinding quantity is small, repairing and maintaining in painting finishes, polishing of lacquer putty, synthetic materials and fiberglass and logs, etc.



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