Chain Pulley Block

The chain pulley block is referred as chain block and it has more than one chain that loops through it & all the loops are connected to a single axle. The specifications of the product are load chain diameter (mm): 5, 6 etc, lifting weight (ton): 10, 20 etc, lifting height (mtr): 3, 5, 7 etc, sling type: chain, color: yellow and other colors, power source: hand chain. The applications are construction, agriculture, textile & automotive industries, steel manufacturing companies and so on.

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Chain Pulley Block which are robust in construction but light weight which makes these easy to handle. These Industrial Chain Pulley Blocks are in-built with surface hardened gears for ensuring longer service life. The Chain Pulley Blocks offered by us use needle roller bearings for high working efficiency.

Components :

·         Double ratchet pawl

·         Needle roller bearings

·         Steel load chain

·         Surface Hardened gears

Salient Features :

·         High tensile strength

·         Resistant to wear

·         Smooth passage of load chain and smooth hand chain operation

·         Minimum maintenance for reduced downtime

·         Light in weight

·         Easy handling

·         Anti corrosive power coated finish

·         Enhanced safety

·         High operational efficiency

·         Compact in size

Applications :

·  Agriculture industry

·  Textile industry

·  Pharmaceutical industry

·  Automotive industry

·  Steel manufacturing companies

·  Rolling mill

·  Cement plants

·  Mining industry

·  Textile plants

Technical Data

·         Hook - Steel forged as per with stand loads.

·         Load wheel - The load wheel is made of heavy duty malleable castings.

·         Gears - All gears areaccurately machines cuts from special Alloy Steel and case hardened .

·         Ball Bearing - Load Wheel on two ball bearings for smooth operation.

·         Hand Chain Wheel - The Hand Chain Wheel made from press sheet steel. Provided with guides to prevent snagging and fouling of hand chain .

·         Load Chain -  Alloy Steel chains, accurately caliberated to ensure free movement.

·          Brake - Screw and friction Disc type self actuating load pressures brake ensure safety




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