Pharma Grade Sugar

Pharma grade sugar can be manufactured using cane beet or sugar itself. This is the purest form of sugar. Unlike other sugars, pharma sugar is not bleached using Sulphur dioxide and may not contain other heavy toxic materials like lead, arsenic, mercury etc. This grade sugar is used for dry syrup, vitaminised syrup, tablet coating, manufacturing of pallets etc.

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Pharma sugar or call it Sucrose IP has all the qualities to make it the finest quality pharma grade sugar. ‘Sucrose IP’ is a pharmaceutical grade sugar that complies with the IP standard and European Union (EU) standards for pharmaceutical grade sugar. Having manufactured by a ‘phospho-flotation process’ in conjunction with the double staged ion exchange column comprising of acrylic and styrene based resin, and under strictest quality standards, Pharma grade sugar is premium sugar.


Features and Advantages

·         Pharma grade sugar is very easy to handle and store. All it needs is to be stored in an air- tight container in a cool spot or in refrigerator.

·         Pharma sugar is used as a sweetener in pharmaceuticals and in the manufacture of tablets. It cannot be employed for infusion solutions.

·         The manufacturing process of sugar generates large quantity of biomass waste such a rice husk, bamboo dust, jute etc. This waste is ideal to be used as fuel to generate power.

·         Sugar derivatives have displayed therapeutic action in some circumstances. Sucralfate (aluminium salt of sucrose octasulphate) is used in healing of peptic and stomach ulcers. Sucrose polyesters have also been used as contrast agent in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).



It is high quality refined sugar which is manufactured using double refining process and conforms to IP/BP specifications. Pharmaceutical and food companies of international status that follow high standards is the quality of their products use this pharmaceutical grade sugar.



·         Free flowing

·         Sparkling white in colour

·         Free from extraneous matter

·         Free from bacterial stains

·         Fine grain size as per international standards

·         Low ash content

·         EEC grade II quality

·         Hygienically packed

·         Can be made/manufactured as per customer’s requirement


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Check the manufacturing standards Posted on 9/30/2016

A pharma grade sugar is usually manufactured in the certified HACCP plants using phosphotation process that ensure top quality. Hence, it is essential for consumers to check the manufacturing process and grade of the sugar.

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