Automotive Safety Transformer Oil Tester

Automotive safety transfer oil tester is also known as transformer oil testing. It is fully automatic with anti-jamming technology along with LCD display. The static set time is 15 minutes, which the user can adjust for their needs. It has an electronic power and the output voltage is 0- 80KV. It is used for testing the transformer oil tester.

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Automotive Fuel Tank Tightness Test Instrument is a test rig consists of a stainless steel, fuel tank holder, holder automatic lifting system, inflatable institutions. The lifting system is driven by cylinder and tank volume




This instrument using the microprocessor, Single-cup portable, automatic booster, maintain stirring, static discharge, calculating, printing and so on, oil cycle withstand voltage test in the range of 0 ~ 80KV.



Simple operation, the operators need a simple setup, the instrument will automatically according to the set pressure test 1 cup of oil sample. 1 to 6 times the value of breakdown voltage and the number of cycle are automatically stored, after completion of the test, the thermal printer can print out breakdown voltage value and average value.


Maintain power down, stores 100 experiment results, and display the current environment temperature and humidity.


Single chip microcomputer control constant speed boost, voltage frequency accuracy to 50 hertz, makes the whole process easy to control.


With over voltage, over current, limiting protection, in order to ensure the safety of operators.


With temperature measurement display function and clock display.


Standard RS232 interface, can communication with a computer.





Output voltage 


Voltage distortion rate

less than 3%

Voltage raising speed

0.5~5 KV/S 

Standing time

15minutes (adjustable)

Boosting interval

5 minutes (adjustable)

Boosting frequency

to 6 time(s) 

Booster capacity


Measuring accuracy


Supply voltage

AC100~240  50Hz±1 Hz



Applicable temperature: 


Applicable humidity:


Overall dimension




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