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The hand dryer also known as the automatic hand dryer in some cases in used for the purpose of drying wet hands.They are widely used in homes,hotels and many commercial places.It is made of stainless steel,it weighs 5.1kgs and has air flows of 300m3/h or 5000L/min.Motor power of the machine is 200W, heating element power of 2100W,Rounds per minute is 5800rpm, and noise level is 70dB.The are used in almost every washrooms of houses hotels and commercial places.

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Detailed Description for Hand Dryer

This Hand Dryer offers touch free hand soaking. Widely used in homes, hotels and other commercial bathrooms, this dryer provides excellent functioning for drying of hands. This hand dryer are designed and manufactured using premium quality components such as infra red sensor with stainless steel, aluminum and ABS body in tandem with set international quality standards.




Low energy, high pressure and low noise

Easy to install

The nozzle can be revolved in 360 degree

Offer swift touch free automatic activation

Using infrared sensor, chip control technology, superior and stable performance;

Strong wind, safe time, rapidly dry hands within 10 seconds;

Stainless steel design, beautiful and easy, strong and durable;

Multiple protection for overtemperature and timeout, use more secure;

Can rotate 360 degrees of the wind, blowing in different directions;

Low noise, health, safety and energy saving;

Touchless to prevent the spread of bacteria and the cross infection of the disease;

Ideal used in hotels, office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, food factory, hospital, stadium, other public places and every family, etc.




Voltage: 220-250V/50HZ or 110-120V/60HZ

Power: 2300W

Current: 11.0A/220V or 22.0A/110V

Air Speed: 30M/S

Product Dimension: L235 X W275 X H205MM; L9.25" X W10.83" X H8.07"

Electrical protection level: IPX1-Class I

Air velocity: 80 Km/h, 22 m/s

Air flow: 300 m3/h, 5000 L/min

Motor power: 200 W

Heating element power: 2100 W

Rounds per minute: 5800 rpm

Noise level: lower than 70dB

Material: Stainless Steel




1. Environmental protection;

2. Health & safety;

3. Convenience;

4. Energy saving;

5. Low noise;

6. Stable performance;

7. Durable stainless steel material



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