A faucet is a regulator that helps in controlling the release and the flow of liquid through it. All faucets have an inner valve that regulates the amount of water that flows through the spout. The valve quality, with or without a washer, determines the dependability and robustness of the faucet. The best choices are faucets with brass, brass- grounded metal or metals that are corrosion-resistant. Faucets may come in various colours or finishes such as black, bronze etc.

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In this modern era faucet styles, designs, finishes, structures and features allow us to gear up and engrave our space.

Mounting of a faucet
Not all faucets can be mounted on every sink, certain faucets are designed to work with a certain type of a sink. The following are the different types of mounts possible :

Centerset Faucets
This type of faucets are intended for sinks that have three holes. Holes and handles are arranged such that are about 4 inches apart. They bring together a spout and handles on a single root unit. Some of the centerset faucets may also have two handles that are mounted onto a 6-inch plate.

Single-Hole Faucets
This type can have either a single handle or two handles. If your basin was previously been predrilled for extra holes, one can use an elective plate to cover them up.

Vessel Faucets
This type of faucets are usually taller and are meant to counterpart a vessel basin, which is placed higher than commonly used sink types. They characteristically come as a single handle.

Wall-mounted faucets
This type of faucets are obtainable for above-the-counter and also freestanding sinks which require a long spout for extended reach. This type of faucets are not compatible with sinks that have predrilled holes.

Widespread Faucets
This type of faucets works best with three-holed sinks. These have three distinct pieces - two handles and a spout - and the handle spacing ranges from 6 to 16 inches.

Materials, Colours and finish:
1.    Black
2.    Brass (antique or polished)
3.    Bronze
4.    Chrome (matte, brushed or polished)
5.    Copper
6.    Gold
7.    Iron
8.    Nickel (brushed and pearl)
9.    Stainless Steel


Faucets with a Washer

Compression-valve Faucets
These faucets are a common type that works by means of a stalk that rises and falls to close and open the water's passageway.

Washerless Faucets

Ball Faucets
These faucets have a circling metal or a plastic ball that controls the quantity of inward flow of water. With just one moving portion, the probability of a breakdown is greatly reduced.

Cartridge Faucets
This type make use of rubber O-rings inside a tubular cartridge to regulate the flow of water. These faucets are very dependable, especially if armed with a brass container.

Ceramic Disc Faucets
This type of faucets are nearly maintenance-free. These have two ceramic discs that move in contrast to each other in a trimming action, opening or closing the valve. Since the discs are nearly flat, the seal is watertight.

Types of Faucet:

There's a wide range of choices that is designed just designed just for the function of opening and closing of the faucet. They are as follows:
1.    Cross Handles
2.    Joystick
3.    Knobs
4.    Lever Handles
5.    Push-buttons
6.    Touchless
7.    Touch-activated


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Seema S

Leakages in Faucets Posted on 8/12/2016

Modern day faucets come with great many features and finishes that it may seem like leakages are a thing of past. But most of the faucets would succumb to dripping problem in few years. So, it’s always advisable to buy original products and look for warranties that cover defects.

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