Lithium Air Battery

The key advantage of a lithium-air battery is that the cathode material is external to the cell. Such a battery could be used to fuel electric automobiles and store the electricity generated by solar panels and wind turbines.

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       The lithium-air battery, Li-air for short, is a metal-air battery chemistry that uses oxidation of lithium at the anode andreduction of oxygen at the cathode to induce a current flow.Pairing lithium and oxygen (from air) can theoretically lead to electrochemical cells with the highest specific energy possible.








      Li-air cells feature high specific and volumetric energy density, comparable to petrol. Electric motors provide high efficiency (95% compared to 35% for an internal combustion engine. Thus, Li-air cells could offer range equivalent to today's vehicles with a battery pack 1/3 the size of standard fuel tanks. The reduced vehicle weight creates a virtuous circle in that the motor size can be reduced, further reducing weight and battery requirements.

Grid backup

       The solar cell used a mesh made from microscopic rods of titanium dioxide to allow the required oxygen to pass through. Captured sunlight produced electrons that decompose lithium peroxide into lithium ions, thereby charging the battery. During discharge, oxygen from air replenished the lithium peroxide.




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