Silver-Calcium Battery

Silver Calcium batteries are used by all major vehicle manufacturers as they are maintenance free under normal working conditions. Silver Calcium alloy batteries are a kind of lead-acid battery with grids made from lead-calcium-silver alloy, as an alternative of the traditional lead-antimony alloy or newer lead-calcium alloy. They view out for its opposition to corrosion and the destructive special effects of great temperatures. Capacity (ah) is 51, 80, and 65. Size (mm) includes310*170*200*220.

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         Silver Calcium alloy batteries are a type of lead-acid battery with grids made from lead-calcium-silver alloy, instead of the traditional lead-antimony alloy or newer lead-calcium alloy. They stand out for its resistance to corrosion and the destructive effects of high temperatures. The result of this improvement is manifested in increased battery life and maintaining a starting power over time.




Technological information

Technological improvements of this new alloy include increased corrosion resistance, greater resistance to high temperatures, longer shelf life, longer life of use (mean 6 years), minimal self-discharge and as having the highest breakout.


Silver calcium batteries generally require more charging voltage (14.4 to 14.8 V) and may not be functional in older vehicles because their power generating systems (alternators) give lower voltages than those of modern vehicles. This also may occur with static chargers, some of which fail to charge these batteries.


* OE confidence in modern technology - first manufacturer in South Africa to install this equipment

* To meet customer demand/international trend

* Under normal operating conditions, no topping up/no maintenance/fit and forget.

* Better for parasitic loads

* Less stock/eliminates need to rotate stock

* Less expensive to operate

* More reliable/longer life/fit and forget

* Higher cold crank rating/suitable for diesel engines

* Longer life/higher energy throughput

* Drastically reduced water consumption

* Higher corrosion resistance/better high temperature performance

* Deeper and constant weld/improved post integrity

* Improved quality/better cranking

* Eliminates internal shorts / less likelihood of damage to separator (expanded metal plates can pierce separators)

* Safety feature



* State of art technology

* Sealed

* Minimal water loss.Low self discharge

* Considerably longer shelf life

* 40% longer life

* Resistance to overcharge

* Low internal resistance

* Higher charge rate acceptance

* Calcium alloys

* Silver alloys

* Unique posts/terminals

* Fixed ofifice forged pasting (positive plates)

* Fully framed grids

* Flame protection/flash arrestors.

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