Silver-Zinc Battery

Silver-zinc battery chemistry has an extended, effective history of use by the military, international space programs and by underwater marine uses. This new silver-zinc battery chemistry uses the newest in advanced polymers, Nanotechnology, power electronics and processing approaches to creating a battery that outshines other rechargeable batteries for notebook computers, portable phone, and consumer electronics applications. Nominal Capacity (AH) is 45, 25 and so on. Size (mm) is 430*129*225.

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               Silver-zinc batteries have a long record of safe service in commercial, aerospace and military applications. Primary batteries comprised of silver-zinc have been used for decades in portable electronics applications, such as cameras, where high current drain is needed. Manned space flight missions beginning with the Mercury (Figure 1) program have successfully deployed rechargeable silver-zinc batteries without any incidents. The military has used silver-zinc batteries in missiles, torpedoes and submarines for over 50 years.


 The advantages of silver zinc batteries can be summed up overall as follows:

High Performance - Up to 40 percent more run time than traditional lithium-ion batteries. And with recent improvements in battery cycle life, silver zinc batteries achieve 200+ cycles at 100 percent discharge to 80 percent of rated capacity and thousands of cycles at intermediate discharge.

Clean Technology - More than 95 percent of key battery elements can be recycled and reused. The raw materials recovered in the recycling process of silver-zinc batteries are the same quality as those that went into the creation of the battery. Environmental impact is lessened since the need to mine for new materials is minimized. Also, there will be financial incentives for consumers to recycle their silver-zinc batteries.

Safe - Silver zinc batteries contain no lithium and are inherently safe. They are not subject to the recent FAA air travel restrictions now placed on lithium-ion batteries. Silver zinc batteries feature a water-based chemistry that is not flammable.

Composite Polymer Zinc (Zn) Anode - The zinc anode in silver batter zinc batteries is a composite polymer electrode which inhibits shape change and dendrite growth. In the past, shape change and dendrite growth in traditional silver-zinc cells frequently shortened the overall cycle life of the battery.

Multi-Functional, Layered Separator - A separator stack within the silver zinc battery resists dendrite growth from the zinc anode, while simultaneously resisting degradation from the silver cathode. At the same time, it allows ions to move freely from the cathode to the anode to minimize the cell's internal resistance. This results in a superior silver-zinc battery cell which offers long life.

Nano-Particle Silver Oxide (AgO) Cathode - The silver oxide cathode in silver-zinc rechargeable batteries is coated with nano particles. This nano-technology enhances conductivity for lower internal resistance and faster charge times than traditional silver zinc batteries.




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