Sony DVD-RW-4.7 GB

Sony DVD-RW-4.7 GB is made to store audio, video, recording. It can store data up to 4.7 GB. It has 7 times more storage capacity than CDR and is also re-writable. It comes in a convenient case that protects the DVDs from scratches and fingerprints.

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Sony found its beginning in the wake of World War II, when in 1946; Masaru Ibuka started an electronics shop in a bomb-damaged department store in Tokyo. The name ‘Sony’ was derived from ‘sonus’, the Latin word for sound, and also from English slang word "sonny", since they both considered themselves to be "sonny boys", a phrase which in the early 1950s connected smart and presentable young men. Sony is now a global brand that has long since been associated with path breaking technology and today occupies a place as one of the world’s foremost consumer electronics brand. It has established itself as a leader across its various product categories of Audio/Visual Entertainment products, Information and Communications Products, Recording Media Products, Business and Professional products. With its determined commitment to quality, consistent dedication towards customers satisfaction and unparalleled standards of service, Sony is recognized as a benchmark for innovative technology. Superior quality, digital concepts and personalized service are some features that it provides.


Create and store your digital files in these Sony DVDs that can store up to 4.7 GB or more than 2 hours of MPEG2 video. It has 7 times the storage capacity of a CDR and is also re-writable. It comes in a convenient case that protects the DVDs from scratches and fingerprints.


  • Re-writable
  • Pack of 10 DVDs
  • 4.7GB / 120 min Recording Capacity
  • 1000 Direct Over-Write Cycle
  • DVD-RW Format



Brand Sony
No. of DVDs 10 pcs
DVD type 16X DVD-RW
Disc Diameter 120 mm
Disc Thickness 1.2 mm
Track Pitch 0.74mm
Recording Layer Phase-change (ex.AgInSbTe)
Writing Speed 1X - 2X Compatible
Direct Overwrite Cycle 1000

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