Wire Cut Bricks

Wire-cut Bricks are one of the kinds of fire bricks and red bricks, made from natural clay that provides aesthetic looks, elegance and sophistication to the walls. These bricks are available in sizes of more or less than 9 inches with compressive strength of 71.6N/mm2-71.8N/mm2. Its water absorption ranges more or less than 8 -10% with average bulk density of 1650kg/m3 - 1660kg/m3. The non-plastered bricks are available in red color, which is used for construction of interior and exterior walls.

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Wire cut bricks are the most common bricks in construction industry. They are manufactured in the factory other than the normal bricks which are manufactured in the yard. The finishing of wire bricks is much superior to the normal bricks.


Key features

Key features of wire cut bricks are-

·         Solid construction

·         Sharp finishing

·         Durable



Wire cut bricks are used for exposed or masonry or non plastered construction of interior or external walls. Both the roof tile and ceiling tile can be fixed using a single purling (support) which gives aesthetically appealing functional roof. Manufacture of wire cut bricks using machines contribute to their strength and heavy weight. Such bricks are primarily used where sharp edge is required for good looking walls.



Wire cut bricks are affordable and are way too easy to produce as well. It has its own advantage from the point of view of manufacture. It requires less material and also takes much less time to create.



The bricks have a reputation of being more porous and fragile than other type of bricks. They are not necessarily appropriate for all types of building projects. Housings that require more strength and sustainability might use wire cut bricks as a decorative outer layer to give a good interesting structure but a core made of something else.


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