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Wire Cut Bricks is a combination of traditional and contemporary architecture. The raw material used in the manufacturing of Wire-cut Bricks is natural clay that provides aesthetic looks, elegance and sophistication to the walls. It is available in different sizes as per the requirement.

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Wire-cut bricks are cured or fired pieces of clay that have been formed into brick shapes with the aid of a wire cutter of some sort. The simplest cutters are little more than wire cording that people press into large mounds of clay to divide it into smaller portions.

Wire cut bricks are the bricks manufacture in factory other than in yards like the normal bricks. The face finishing is much superior than the normal bricks. For the same reason, this bricks is used for exposed masonry.


·         High Durable.

·         Robustness.

·         Better Endurance against elements of nature-Rain Sunshine and wind.

·         Better Insulation.



Wire cut bricks are used for exposed or non-plastered construction of interior or exterior walls.

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Q.painting the wire cut bricks with emulsion


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