Copper(II) chloride Catalyst is the compound and its chemical formula CuCl2. It is a light brown solid, it slowly absorbs moisture to form a blue-green dihydrate. Copper forms compounds in the oxidation states of +1 (cuprous) and +2 (cupric), trivalent copper survives no more than some seconds in an aqueous solution. The relatively small change in electro-chemical potential between the cupric ions and cuprous in solution gives the usefulness of copper compounds in any chemical reactions.

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Adriana Grey

Tips for better Storage Posted on 8/29/2016

It’s belonging to inorganic salt. It should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place inside the storeroom. Pay attention to moisture proof walls, shall not open with piled up. It should be stored in the absence of food items. It should be prevent from rain and sun in the process of transportation. To be handle with care while handling to prevent from damage at the time of packaging.

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