Aluminium chloride (AlCl3) Catalyst is the compound composed of aluminium and chlorine. It is mainly used as a catalyst in the process of Friedel Crafts. This compound have an electron deficient molecule forming only 3 bonds and has no lone pairs. This catalyst acts as an electron acceptor for a lone pair on the halide atom. AlCl3 have three different structures, depending on the temperature and the state that is solid, liquid, gas.

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Adriana Grey

Precautions while handling Posted on 8/29/2016

Keep away anhydrous AlCl3 to being in contact with water or bases. An explosive reaction may result. so always worn Gloves and safety goggles along with a face shield for larger damages. The material should be handled in a chemical hood or fume cupboard. AlCl3 rapidly absorbs moisture when exposed in moist air to become a highly acidic and it immediately reacts with many materials such as stainless steel and rubber. Always keep in glass bottle to avoid any harm.

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