Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryers uses a mechanical refrigeration system to cool the compressed air and condense water and hydrocarbon vapor. Almost all refrigerated air dryers cool the compressed air to a temperature of approximate range of 35ºF to 50°F (1.6°C to 10°C) which results in a pressure dew point range of 33ºF - 39ºF (0.5°C to 3.8ºC). This range permits the pressure dew point to fall within a certain limits that are possible with common refrigeration system controls.

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Salient Features:

·         Operating on adsorb principle thus prevents entrainment of moisture in the pipe line however long it may be.

·         The most compact skid mounted unit supplied in ready for use state by connecting compressed air at inlet and outlet.

·         The stationary working system and it requires negligible maintenance.

·         Assured atmospheric dew point equal to (-) 40 degree C or (-) 70 degree C as required.

·         Ideal purging as per desiccant manufacturers instruction for regeneration.

·         Lesser pressure drops in total unit.

·         Modified purge silencer causing less noise.

·         Designed for Indian atmospheric conditions.

·         Easy for installations and commissioning.


·         Drying air for use in commercial and industrial processes that demand dry air.

·         Telecomm industry (pressurizes its underground cables to repel moisture and avoid shorts).

·         Painting works.

·         Pneumatic tools.

·         Textile manufacturing industries .

·         Pneumatic control systems.

·         Feed air for zeolite type nitrogen and oxygen generators.

·         Dental office air.

·         Truck and train air brake systems.



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