An electric current can flow freely in a conductor where as in an insulator it does not allow charges to move freely and thus electric current do not conduct. Metals such as copper typify conductors, while most non-metallic solids such as plastics, paper, rubber, glass are said to be good insulators, having high resistance to the flow of charge through them.

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A perfect insulator does not exist, because even insulators contain small numbers of mobile charges (charge carriers) which can carry current. In addition, all insulators become electrically conductive when a sufficiently large voltage is applied that the electric field tears electrons away from the atoms. This is known as the breakdown voltage of an insulator. Some materials such as glass, paper and Teflon, which have high resistivity, are very good electrical insulators. A much larger class of materials, even though they may have lower bulk resistivity, are still good enough to prevent significant current from flowing at normally used voltages, and thus are employed as insulation for electrical wiring and cables. Examples include rubber-like polymers and most plastics.

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Composite Polymer, Silicone rubber insulator
High Voltage
Rated Voltage:
Tensile Strength:
Red &Brown
Creepage Distance:
Arcing distance:
Section Length:
Dead End Fitting:
KEMA and ISO9001
Trade Show:
Domestic & International Exhibition Show
Product Price Range:
OEM Service Offered


1)Material:Silicone rubber insulator
2)Certifiate:KEMA and ISO9000
3)Delivery: about 30 days
4)Rated voltage 1-500KV



1) The silicon rubber rain shed, designed according to the aerodynamics principle, use the whole-moulding method, to make sure the validity of total creepage distance under every climate and nasty conditions, as well as improved the pollution discharge of the insulators.


2) The fiber rod uses the ECR high-temperature and acid-proof material.


3) The end fitting connection adopts the zinc cover protection, supersonic monitor and coaxial constant compression controlled by computer, finished with good appearance and high quality.



1)composite insulator with competive price and good quality.

2)Hop  dip galvanized cast SAE1045 steel for metal fittings.

3)silicone rubber for sheds

4)Glass-fiber reinforced


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