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A fake note detector is a device that validates the banknotes or coins. The main purpose of a fake note detector or currency validator is to detect counterfeit and count the notes. These machines are very useful in places handling lot of cash like restaurants, retails marts etc.

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A fake note detector or currency counter examines the currency which is fed to it and determines the counterfeits.  Different tests are carried out by the machine because each currency note or coin is different.  Using the various parameters specific to the currency, the device is programmed.

Various testing techniques used to detect counterfeits in currency like

1. Optical Sensing – Optical Sensing is one of the main techniques used. Most currencies in the world have pixilated i.e. contain dots. Each currency has unique space and pixels (dots). The sensor in the device can identify these patterns and detect any anomaly.

2. Physical Attributes – The physical attributes of the currency like dimension and thickness are assessed to establish the authenticity. As the notes pass between the rollers, the dimension configured in the machine is checked for and in case of non-compliance with the standards, they are rejected.

3. GMR Sensor – This technique matches the magnetic signature in the currency and identifies the counterfeits. The ink used in the currency generally have ferromagnetic properties i.e. also contains iron element. When the currency is passed over the magnetic array, the magnetic sensor can detect the original ink particles.

With growing number of incidents with fake notes, Cash counting machines have become essential not just in banks but also in retail stores, hotels, etc. Businessmen find currency counters very useful for the various benefits that it brings. 

Benefits of using a fake note detector:

1. Saves Time – A fake note detector can handle a lot of cash at a time than human. This provides speed of operation for a business.

2. Ease of usage – These machines are pretty easy to use with an automatic start and stop. The touchpad is sensitive and the graphic displays are easy to read.

3. Convenient – Most cash counters are handy and portable.  They are battery operated and can be used during power failures too. They also offer various modes like free, batch etc for the convenience of the users. Also, these machines occupy very less space.

4. Accuracy- Accuracy is the best aspect of these machines. By removing the human element in the process, there is rarely any room for error. Even the currency notes stuck together would be carefully separated and counted for. A great product for businesses which handles lot of free notes on everyday basis.

5. Fake currency identification- Whenever a fake, non-usable note is inserted, the machine notifies the user. This can save the business in big way. With a smaller investment on currency counter, businesses can prevent loses and protect their reputation.


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Seema S

Speed of the Counter Posted on 8/16/2016

A range of 600 to 1500 bills counted per minute is considered normal. A 1000 bills per minute is an average across most bill counters. Consider capacity before selecting a counter that counts 1200 bills per minute over a counter that counts 600 bills per minute. The higher speed sounds impressive, but if the hopper capacity only allows 100-200 bills at a time, you won't gain the advantage and may even introduce errors due to running too fast. If you count more than 2000 bills at a time, look for a currency counter with a hopper capacity of 400 bills or greater.

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