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Bag Filter is basically used for air filtering applications. This filter is efficiently manufactured by skilled professionals using high quality components with the aid of cutting-edge technology in tune with prevailing standards of quality.It is used by Petroleum,Food,Chemical,Paper,etc. industries for the purpose of Filter Recirculating Water,Keep Spray Nozzles Open,Protect Catalyst Beds,Protect Instruments,etc.

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Bag Filter is an air pollution control device that removes particulates out of air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation. Power plants, steel mills, pharmaceutical producers, food manufacturers, chemical producers and other industrial companies often use baghouses to control emission of air pollutants.

Unlike electrostatic precipitators, where performance may vary significantly depending on process and electrical conditions, functioning bag filter typically have a particulate collection efficiency of 99% or better, even when particle size is very small.

Cylindrical bags (or tubes) made of woven or felted fabric as a filter medium. (For applications where there is relatively low dust loading and gas temperatures are 250 °F or less, pleated, nonwoven cartridges are sometimes used as filtering media instead of bags.)                                        

                                Dust-laden gas or air enters the baghouse through hoppers (large funnel-shaped containers used for storing and dispensing particulate) and is directed into the baghouse compartment. The gas is drawn through the bags, either on the inside or the outside depending on cleaning method, and a layer of dust accumulates on the filter media surface until air can no longer move through it.


Filter Recirculating Water
Keep Spray Nozzles Open
Protect Catalyst Beds
Protect Instruments
Remove DE Filter Carryover
Remove Particles from Coatings
Clean Electrolytic Solutions
Remove Oversize Particles from Slurries
Filter Condensate
Filter Bottle and Can Washer Water
Protect Chiller and Air Conditioners
Protect Reverse Osmosis Systems
Filter Boiler Feed Water




    Excellent functionality
    Long functional life
    Hassle free performance


Have high collection efficiency for respirable dust
Can use strong woven bags, which can withstand intensified cleaning cycle to reduce residual dust buildup
Simple to operate
Have low pressure drop for equivalent collection efficiencies
Are preferred for high temperatures due to gentle cleaning action
Can have high air-to-cloth ratio (6 to 10 ft/min)
Can clean continuously.

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