In-Line Gas/Liquid Filters

Filter gases or liquids with these microfiber filters. All models have a borosilicate glass filter membrane.

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For gas and liquid applications. Leak-proof in-line filter suitable for use with toxic and radioactive materials. Consists of microfiber filter tube bonded into sealed clear nylon holder with a 125psig pressure rating and 1/4 in. O.D. ports for pressure-tight connections using standard compression fittings. For low-pressure applications, slip-on tubing or plastic barbs may be used.


§  Max pressure for filters with 1/4” OD ports is 125 psi (8.5 bar)


§  Application: Gas/air filtration—general-purpose use; liquid filtration—remove most visible particles


Filter gases or liquids with these microfiber filters. All models have a borosilicate glass filter membrane. See table below for applications and efficiency ratings. Liquid efficiency ratings are 98% of retention of particles of noted size; gas efficiency ratings are percentage retention of 0.01µm particles.

Max differential pressure for all filters is 40 psi (60 psi for 0.01 µm units).
Max temperature at 0 psi: nylon is 230°F; stainless steel & KYNAR PVDF are 250°F




Optimization of critical features during the design process has provided a housing range which ensures trouble-free use and low installation and maintenance costs. Areas included in this process were:


  • Surface finish

  • Suitability for CIP and SIP

  • Integrity testing

  • Incorporation into automated production processes




  • Aseptic design

    • Crevice-free electro polished surfaces with an internal Ra value of < 0.4 µm (< 15 µin.)

    • Fully self draining

    • No dead legs

  • Low hold-up volumes for maximum product recovery

  • Quick fit Stäubli1 type connections for easy filter integrity testing

  • Easy to use low point sanitary drain valve

  • Range of options to aid use in automated production systems

  • Every housing supplied with a quality certificate and manufactured to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (Group ll Category 2)

  • CE marked in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC




• Higher differential pressures are possible, resulting in higher flow rates. The pressure differential across the membrane is not limited to atmospheric pressure (≥14.7 psi)


 • Unintentional contamination downstream of the membrane is minimized


Denaturation of proteins and other biological polymers due to foaming downstream of the membrane is avoided


 • Vapor accumulation and possible explosion can be avoided using an inert gas to pressurize solvents and combustible or flammable liquids


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