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A media filter is a filter that uses a bed of sand, peat, shredded tires, foam, crushed glass, geo-textile fabric, humbled granite or other material to filter water for drinking, swimming pools, aquaculture, irrigation, storm water management and other applications.

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The two types of Media Filters are, Multi Media Filters and Nutshell Filters. Multi Media Filters use several layers of sand to reduce the amount of solids. The top sand layer removes a large amount of particles from the water.

The function of the lower most layers is to support the finer top layer above and provide efficient drainage. If the water has oil particles the Media Filter can be supplemented with one or two layers of Nutshell media. A Media Filter can be used in wide variety of applications and handle large capacities of water containing high dirt loads, upon a filtration efficiency of 98% down to the rate of 2 micron. Nutshell filters are used when there is only oil to remove.


It brings the water in the top of a container by "header" which distributes the water evenly. The filter "media" start with fine sand on the top and then gradually coarse sand in a number of layers followed by gravel in the bottom, is gradually larger sizes. The top sand removes particles from the water. The job of the following layers is to support the finer layer in top and provide efficient drainage.



• Surface water intake

• Waste water

• Effluent water

• Produced water

• Process water

• Pre-treatment of backward osmosis

• Cooling water






• Fully automatic system

• Various design codes and materials

• Horizontal and vertical vessels

• High filtration efficiency

• Manipulation of large capacities



• Skid mounted system, Including piping, Automatic valves and controls

• Custom designed packages

• ATEX compliance


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