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A spray booth is a pressure closed environment, used to paint vehicles in a body shop. And Spray Booth Filters is a kind of anti spray booth means it prevents substance from paint and doesn't allow it to enter through the filter.It is widely demanded by several industries like chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

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In Modem times Painting is done in high class chamber known as Paint Booth or Spray Booth. The whole idea of doing painting in Paint booth is to have dust free flawless finish & to accelerate the curing of paint at certain temperature. Filters play a very important role in a paint booth to provide dust free air.


First and foremost a filter must simply be able to do two (2) things in order to be effective. One is to be able to capture and the second is to be able to hold the over spray. If the filter now being used cannot do these two simple tasks then they are allowing the over spray to pass on into the exhaust chamber, fan, stack and into the outside air. This is also how cars in the parking lot get 'painted'.


  Paint Booth Comprises of three Stages of Filters :
• Pre Filter or Pocket Filter
• Ceiling Filter
• Floor or Exhaust Filter




•    Rugged construction
•    Contemporary design
•    Easy to install
•    Lightweight
•    High tearing strength
•    Durable
•    Accurate dimensions
•    Premium quality
•    Best grade material
•    High performance
•    Long service life
•    High dust holding capacity









Merits of Spray Booth Filters:
• Dust free environment.
• Caters to all types of Epoxy, PU & 11< Paints.
• Disposable & bio-degradable.
• Non Lint fabric.
• Customized Size's.
• Attractive Packing.
• Adhesive activated to retain dust
• F5 (EU 5) Class.


Application areas :
 • Auto Repair Refinish Paint Booth
 • Aerospace finishes Paint Booth
 • Industrial Air Paint Booth
 • Regular Paint Booth


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