Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

For filtration of liquids with suspended solid has contents up to 7%. No filter cloth requirement. Automatic dislodging of filtered cake are pneumatic vibrator or oscillating sluice header. Dry or wet cake discharge is possible. Filtration area up to 120m2.Vertical leaf filters are widely used in the edible oil and oleo chemical industry. The filter elements comprise a stainless steel screen in top screen of either 24 X 110 Dutch Weave, PZ80S Pander Weave, depending on the application.

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Detailed Description for Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

Pressure Leaf Filter has the Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters elements mounted vertically on common outlet manifold in which filtrate flows out.

Leafs are clamped with shaft on top which further extended to mount pneumatic vibrator , is used for cake discharge. Butterfly valve is kept between conical bottom and discharge hopper which is operated electro Pneumatically to discharge the cake easily. Top Lid is flanged with I bolts for easy opening and closing , Devitalised arm with mechanical jack to lift the top for removal of leafs for occasional cleaning.

Material of Construction:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, leaves in SS 304, 316, 316 L or as required ‘O’ rings / Gaskets – Silicon, Neoprene, Viton, EPDM.

Pressure Leaf Filter Leafs:
•    Filter leafs are constructed of 5 Ply SS wire mesh of various gauge wires.
•    2 Ply Fine Filter Mesh
•    2 Ply Strengthening Mesh
•    1 Empty Mesh.
•    5 Ply wire mesh are together bound by a tubular frame and also made leak proof by machine riveting or bolting depending on the requirement.
The quality of filtration and leaf life are depends upon quality of outer fine mesh and riveting. Jyoti Engineering manufactured wide range of Vertical or Horizontal pressure Leaf filters for any size, any make.


    Simple in structure
    Easier in maintenance
    Lowest in cost
    Wider Varieties
    Long life service

Vertical Pressure Leaf filters are mainly used for following applications:
•    Edible Oil – Dark Oil , Bleached Oil ,
•    Hydrogenated Oil Catalyst.
•    Glucose, sugar, Fruit Juice.
•    Organic & Inorganic Salt , Amine , Resin , Bulk
•    Drugs .
•    Water, Brine.
•    Chemicals and Oleo chemicals.


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