Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (shell or bundle retraction) features horizontal pressure vessel, filter leaves, pneumatic vibrator assembly, bottom structure housing, hydraulics power supply for bonnet ring opening / closing and shell or bundle retraction. Filter leaves are mounted in central outlet manifold with perfect 'O' ring sealing. Filtration areas from 2m2 to 200m2. Dry cake discharge and Wet cake discharge is possible.

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Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter offer simplicity of process, easy operation and maintenance, modest space requirement, lowest energy consumption and low capital outlay. Back by past Experience and development studies,

These equipments are manufactured under strict third party inspection in material like S.S, C.S., Monel, Inconel and others. Furthermore, these are provided with the following:

•    Horizontal pressure vessel
•    Filter leaves
•    Pneumatic vibrator assembly
•    Bottom structure housing
•    Hydraulic power supply to bonnet ring opening / closing and shell or bundle retraction

Equipment Description:

The Horizontal Leaf Filter has a Horizontal Cylindrical vessel with special bayonet wedged lock closure and silicon seal. The retractable filter shell is mounted on 4 external mounted wheel assemblies and retraction is completed by hydraulic cylinder.
To open and close wedge lock closure, filter is equipped with 2 Nos. powerful hydraulic cylinders.
The hydraulic cylinders are joined to power pack by high-pressure flexible rubber hoses.

These horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in different  applications in Dewaxing/ Winterization of edible oil, copper refineries, liquid glucose, sulphur, starch, chemicals, fertilizers, and other industries. Available in different specifications, these can also be custom designed as per the specific needs of clients.


•    Stainless steel Filter Elements have more life then filter cloth.
•    Filtration rate is increased, So Output.
•    Higher temperature for cake drying effects in low retention of mother liquor in dry cake.
•    No spillage or loss of filtering liquid due to completely closed filter body.
•    Due to automatic cake discharge by vibrator, without opening filter equipment, saves Manpower & Time.
•    Completely closed filter body effects in safe operating condition at higher temperature.
•    High performance
•    Quality approved
•    Robustness

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