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Spin-On filters are used as process and safety filters to protect individual pumps, valves or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination Spin-On filters can be used for the following purposes : Suction filters On the return circuit, for mounting on the line or on the tank cover In-line for low and medium pressures

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Spin-On Filters are basically work on hydraulic pressure filtration patterns and provide the desirable filtration systems to the fluid flow in the industrial processes. These have working pressure 12 bar , flow rates up to 300 l/min (80 gpm), threaded connections from 3/4” and 1 1/2” BSP/NPT/SAE and flanged connections 1 1/2” SAE 3000 PSI.

How They Work:

Filters are often installed in hard to reach places, making it difficult to change, and messy to re-prime after servicing. Air can get into fuel lines during filter change-out or extended storage. When priming, fuel from the tank is drawn through a fine pre-screen and into the pump.
From there, fuel primes the spin-on filter element and then exits the filter assembly. In running mode, fuel bypasses the pump portion and enters the Aquabloc® media element, where particle and water contaminants present in diesel fuels are trapped before they can damage the fuel injection system.
All filter materials and seals are compatible with very low sulfur diesel and biofuels up to B20 blend.

Spin-On filters are in 4 configurations :
•    Single cartridge in-line
•    In-line with two parallel cartridges on the same axis
•    In-line with two parallel cartridges mounted are side by side
•    With single cartridge flange for installation to the tank cover
•    The CSGW series of canister removes water from oil during filtering oil at the same time
•    Water absorbent polymers up to 800 times from their own weight, provide this major feature
•    Water holding capacitiy: - CSGW 050 - 240 ml. CSGW 150 - 788 ml

•    Hydraulic and Lubrication Circuits
•    Mobile and Agricultural Applications
•    Machine Tool Systems

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