High Temperature Filter

For any air filtration at temperatures above 100°C up to a maximum of 385 °C, the High-temperature filters are the right choice. The silicone-free filter elements fulfill particularly stringent requirements for air purity, cost-efficiency and process dependability. The pleated filter media are made with special, thermally stable micro-glass-fiber papers.

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Hot gas filtering or high temperature filter is among the most essential and difficult cleanup techniques in all of British industry. Basically, hot gas filtration is the ad of eliminating contaminants, usually extremely hazardous types, from what are called hot streams. A gas stream is the burn out product of a process that occurs at or needs intense temperatures such as burning bodies, for instance or de-oxidizing alloys. The typical way in which hot gas filtration is achieved is by applying ceramic high temperature filter higher efficiency products that are capable of taking 100% of the risky pollution out of a hot stream even at incredible temperature.

Filters meeting the High temperature standard have many applications such as use in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft and homes.



1.            Low hygroscope.

2.            Low resistance.

3.            Very high efficiency.

4.            Large dust holding capacity.

5.            Thermo-resistant and can be used over a long period of time under 250-350 centigrade.

6.            Used in automotive painting, ultra-clean oven and other fields where with high temperature resistant air purification equipments and air filtering system.







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