Compact Coalescing Filter

Compact coalescing filter is designed to remove liquid aerosols, water, oil and sub-micron particulate matter from your pneumatic system. The body is made with zinc material. It will provide oil free air for several demanding applications like water treatment, run-off surface water, competition fluids and etc.

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Compact Coalescing Filter is designed to remove liquid aerosols, water, oils and submicron particulate matter from your pneumatic system. It will provide oil free air for several demanding applications. The 11 degree F is specifically designed for the removal of all solid particles, water and oil aerosols down to 0.01 micron. The modular style of the 11 degree F allows you to connect any combination of similar air preparation product by using connector brackets. The 11 degree F comes standard with a polycarbonate bowl, wrapped with a metal bowl guard, providing 360 degrees of visibility to content inside the bowl. The several options available (such as twist drain, auto drain, DPI gauge and assortment of bowl options) makes easy to configure for your application.


·         Water treatment

·         Clean-up of displacement water

·         Acid flow back

·         Competition fluids

·         Pipeline/systems purge/clean-up hydro test discharge

·         Bilge and ballast water clean-up

       ·         Run-off surface water




·         Removes liquid aerosols and sub-micron particles.

·         All liquids gravitates to the bottom of the element and will not re-enter into the airstream.

·         Oil free air for critical applications like air gauging and pneumatic instrumentation and control.

·         Interchangeable twist and automatic float drain.

·         Pressure differential indicator standard.







·         Cartridge block after saturation, so there is no pass of hydrocarbons

·         Removal of strong emulsified in a single pass

·         No realized adsorbed hydrocarbons

·         No contact with saturated media while handling

·         High flow rates

·         Reliable and simple solution

·         Easy to handle and operation






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