Ceramic Coffee Filter

Ceramic materials are inorganic where as non-metallic materials are made from compounds of a metal and a non metal. Ceramic materials are crystalline or may be partly crystalline. They are formed by the action of heat and subsequent cooling. It is used in filtering coffee because the ceramic design does not pass any odors or flavor into the coffee. It is available in white and red colors.

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Porous ceramic coffee filters are quite unlike any other commonly used filter. It is light, rough and feels delicate in the hand. As a product, it is packaged with its own ceramic holder/dripper, which has one large hole at the bottom and that can be positioned on top of a mug or other vessel like any other dripper. International development for this product has been slow to the point of non-existence.


·         Made from high-fired porcelain with a scratch-free glaze that is durable.

·         Brew fresh coffee with each brew, no more stale or burnt coffee made hours ahead, brew only what is needed for less waste.

·         Reusable coffee filter cone, perfect for the coffee enthusiast and at-home baristas.

·         Easy to use and clean and also dishwasher safe


·         Souvenir photo frames.

·         Promotional gifts

·         Home table decoration

·         Tourist souvenirs.


·         Used hotel, restaurant, home etc.

      ·         For coffee, tea, milk, beverage, juice, promotion, gift and advertising

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