Polyester Coffee Mesh Filter

Polyester Coffee Mesh Filter are highly durable filters, have an advantage over paper filters, makes cups of coffee in one brewing. Perfect for a quick coffee. Includes a wire holder that can be placed on top of any cup, server or glass pot. Enough to serve 2 - 4 cups of coffee. It is also used in chemical Industries.

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Polyester is a category of polymers which contain the ester functional group in their main chain. It most commonly refers to a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). A mesh is a barrier made of connected strands of metal, fibres or other flexible materials. A mesh is similar to a web or a net in that it has many attached or woven strands.
So, a Polyester Coffee Mesh Filter is s barrier made up of connected strands of polyester used for filtering coffee, tea etc.

Features of Polyester Coffee Filter Mesh: 

·         Acid-resistance

·         Anti-oxidability

·         High tensile strength

·         Excellent abrasion resistant

      ·         Precise filtering rate



·         Super precision, uniform wire diameter and aperture

·         Good diathermancy

·         High air permeability

·         Good Alkaline Resistance

·         Reusable, Cleanable and Long working life


·         Food filter

·         Medicine

·         Coffee filter

·         Water dispenser

·         Sea culture

·         Flour processing factory

·         Ceramic

      ·         Electric kettle

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