Water Filter Tank

Water Filter Tank is installed in the main circulating pipeline to filter all the circulating water, repeated circulating interception is done step by step to filter the impurities within the system and finally remove the impurities by the necessary backwash out of the system. This product can remove impurities up to 92% to 96 % and works at 1 to 2.5 MGA pressure. By-pass filtrating is used to reduce the turbidity of the water circulation system.

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Water Tank Filter for chilled water as a by-pass filtering equipment of closed industrial circulating water is used to filter the circulating water and its control modes consist of manual backwash and automatic backwash. 
The system is usually backwashed once every three to seven days in the circulating process, effectively improving the quality of water and giving excellent and stable water quality after intervention to long-term running. 
The device has small water consumption and widely used in the cleaning of all types of industrial and commercial chilled water circulation systems as well as refrigerant water and heat medium water systems of central air conditioning, improving the stability of equipment operation.

Users can weld and conned in parallel, the by-pass filters in main return pipes depending on the conditions of circulation systems and the pipe diameter should be determined based on the retaining water yield of parallel circulating water. The sewage water is discharged into the sewerage network.

It usually has two main functions:

1. To reduce suspended solids (turbidity): Otherwise, since the system is running, suspended solids increases, which will exacerbate the deposition and some other problems.
2. Degreasing: Especially the oily turbid circulation, such as steel rolling and continuous casting, has high oil content and thus easy for breeding microorganism and blocking the nozzles of filter.


Characteristics of the filteration system:

·         Manual and automatic control is available.

·         Water distributor is simple, uniform and reliable.

·         Finished water collector has high strength and long service life.

·         Easy to install, only connects the inlet and outlet to the waste pipe when installing.

·         Less water consumption in backwash: A homogeneous filter is used, so that backwash cycle is extended and total backwash water volume is greatly reduced.

      ·         High backwash efficiency: An advanced water collector is used for efficient backwash effect.



·         Water treating, chilling water treat, raw water treating, recycle water, soft water treat.

·         Agricultural irrigation such as farms water, golf water filtration, vineyard water filtration, orchards and groves water filtration etc.

·         Paper-making factory.

·         Steel and iron plant.

·         Petroleum Chemistry.


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