Standard General Purpose Filter

Standard General Purpose Filter is metal blow and slide glass filter with 140 SCFM, maximum pressure of 250 PSI and with maximum temperature of 176 degrees F. The product size is 7.95 inches high and 3.15 inches wide. It is an automatic drain filter.

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Standard General Purpose Filter are available in two options: the Grade ACS single stage adsorption filter and Grade AC double stage filter - Grade AC consists of both coalescing and adsorption filter elements combined into one housing. OIL-X EVOLUTION Grades ACS and AC are used for smaller flow rate applications and applications where more frequent element changes can be tolerated.





·         Clean-up of displacement oil

·         Acid flow back

·         Competition fluids

·         Pipeline/ systems purge/ clean-up hydro test discharge

·         Ballast and bilge water clean-up

·         Run-off surface oil



·         High efficiency 'point of use' filters

·         Protects downstream equipment and processes

·         Provides high quality, clean, oil free compressed air to international standards

·         Reduced cost of ownership

·         Enhanced health and safety

·         Suitable for all types of air compressor and compatible with all compressor lubricants




·         99.9% removal of all oils in a single pass

·         Cartridge block after saturation, so no pass of hydrocarbons is possible

·         Removal of strong emulsified in a single pass

·         The capacity of absorption is greater than 2 times its own weight (up 8 times)

·         No realized adsorbed hydrocarbon

·         No direct contact with saturated media while handling

·         High flow rates

·         Reliable and simple solution

·         Easy to handle and operation

·         Fit into existing cartridge units



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