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Cylinder moulds are widely used in paper making industries where the handmade paper is manufactured in large scale. The cylinder moulds have high drawing efficiency, maximum open area, ease of cleaning and minimum deflection, which is essential to manufacture good quality of paper.

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Cylinder moulds are either manufactured using engineered cast bronze or stainless steel spiders. These metals are known for its trouble-free service and cost-effective price. For environmental applications, stainless steel cylinder moulds are widely used. Normally, these cylinder moulds diameter range from 30” to 72” and depending upon the application these centre shaft of the moulds are designed. However, being exposed to various wet surroundings, the cast iron better than steel as it is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

The centrifugal casting of the mould produces a dense core with an exceptional balance, sturdiness and uniform wall thickness. Every single core of the moulds is engineered for supreme operating efficiency with least deflection. Surface construction plays a vital role in designing the best suitable cylinder mould for a particular machine, irrespective of its type and process. Conventional round and wire, Hi-wire, flat-bar hi-wire are three main elements of surface construction.

The cylinder mould is designed in such a way that the water drains through the fibres matted in a sheet uniformly across its width with zero turbulence. Sheet formation is designed for once and it cannot be changed or improved later in the paper making process.


Superior resistance

Excellent uniformity

Greater stability

High grammage

Scratch and erase resistance


Corrosion and rust-proof

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