Level Tube

The WatrLevel is a simple tool that measures vertically. It is primarily used in two ways: to measure the vertical change from one point to another point(s), or, to find the level point from one point to other point(s). We call the first "measure change" and the second, "find level".

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Detailed Description for Level Tube

The WatrLevel is used for the same applications as a Transit or a Laser Level but the WatrLevel provides measurements, not just a reference line.  Common uses would be to build concrete patio's, walkways, foundations, decks, lawns, fences, retaining walls, etc.  It also is used for brickwork, installing drains, mobile home leveling, tool leveling, aircraft construction, mapping, installing cabinets, installing siding, painting, hanging lights, checking for sinkage, T-bar installation, etc.  There are literally thousands of uses for the WatrLevel. For more information, see our Uses page.


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