Glass Cleaner

window cleansers are usually used to clean windows, cars etc. They can quickly dissolve dust, smudges, fingerprints and dirt. Its no-drip and fast acting features does not leave any residue. Applications include in various sector like schools, colleges, home and so on.

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Detailed Description for Glass Cleaner

It contains large amount of surfactants, eradicator, environment-friendly solutions and brightener, no need to wait after spraying it on to the glass, it can remove dust and various oils on the glass without any water residues, it forms a protection film which can protect the floors from slipping, aging and guard it against dusts. By using it, the glass can get a high degree of transparency and good anti-fog ability so to retard the glass to be polluted. Make cleaning easily. No streaks, grime and  cuts grease. Quickly removes spots & stains from mirror, glass, stainless, porcelain ceramic tile, Steel, Chrome.



·         It guarantees a perfect streak-free shine.

·         Use with confidence on glass, chrome, stainless steel, tile, laminate, porcelain, appliances and bench tops.


·         Shake well before use and hold the can 10-20cm above the surface to be cleaned; press spray button firmly. 

·         Allow the foam to stay for 20-30 seconds, then wipe away with soft cloth. 

·         For carpets, spray uniformly and stay for 20-30 seconds, then remove the foam before it dries. 

·         For very dirty area, scrub it with a brush after spraying, then wipe it away with cloth. 

·         For fabrics, spray on unnoticeable area to test if it will cause spots or color fading



·         Keep out of reach of children.

·         Do not bring eyes in contact with it. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water within 15 minutes.

·         Very harmful if one swallowes, drink water and consult physician



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