Concrete Placer

Concrete Placer or concrete-placing machine is a machine used extensively in the field of construction.They are made of non-corrosive metal.Their Conveying capacity is 10m³/h, 15m³/h ,they weigh 5ton to 10ton.Maximum pump conveying capccity is 2Mpa,3Mpa,5Mpa;They are available is heights of 1100mm and 1200mm.They are radio controlled or cable remote controlled.They are majorly applied in the field of construction.

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The mixture of  concrete from concrete mixture is transferred in the concrete placer, by placing mixture machine at a specific height as to compare concrete placer. The clute of the concrete mixer is adjusted just above of the feeding hopper of concrete placer. The mix wet concrete is filled into the concrete placer through clute of mixture. The compressed air supply is driven through the pipe live ritted in concrete placer. As soon as compressed air supply is started, the concrete from placer starts transferring from placer to pipe line and finally reaches the point of placement, through the M.S seamless pipe line & Bends.


This Concrete Placer is used in the construction of concrete pavements for roads and airports, concrete foundations, floors for commercial buildings, and so forth. The mixed concrete from concrete mixture is shifted into the concrete placer. The compressed air supply is to be provided to the concrete placer through hose pipe. As soon as the compressed air supply has begun  the concrete from placer begins transferring from placer to pipe line and finally it reaches the point of placement.

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