Granite Cutting Diamond Segment

The granite cutting diamond segment is basically used to cut marble and granite.They are used extensively in the construction industry.They are made either of diamond or metal powder.Length is Less than 250mm to 3500mm & higher and the segment type is the sandwich type or the groove type.

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Generally, a diamond sector has a working layer and a transition layer. The working layer contains diamond grains for cutting or grinding, while the transition layer has no diamonds. It just consists of bond materials, and is used to join the working layer to the body of the diamond tool. The transition layer is necessary for diamond segments used on laser-welded diamond tools. The diamond segments used on large diamond circular saw blades or diamond gang saws for cutting stones can be layered and have some non-functional layers separating the working layers.






Cutting with optimum life


Available in triple layer sandwich segments, multi layer segments, taper and box type segments


Standard length 20 mm to 40 mm, width and thickness as per customer specification


Water Cutting Diamond Segments 


Kerosene Cutting Diamond Segments 


Fast Drilling


Long Tool life


No Breakage of Segments






Used for cutting Marble



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