Earth Compactor

An earth compactor also just called compactor is a machine used to compact and reduce the size of waste materials or soil.They have various travel speeds like 1km/m,2km/m,3km/m,Vibration Frequencies are 60Hz, 70Hz and Power required are 4W, 5W or 5.5W.These machines weigh either 400Kg or 500Kg, and vibration control are either by clutch or automatic.They used petrol or diesel as fuel and are used extensively in the construction industry.

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A compactor is a machine or mechanism used to compress the size of material such as waste material or

Normally powered by hydraulics, compactors take various shapes and sizes. In landfill sites for example, a large bulldozer with spiked wheels called a landfill compactor is utilized to drive over waste deposited by waste collection vehicles (WCVs).

WCVs themselves involve a compacting mechanism which is used to increase the payload of the vehicle and reduce the number of times it has to dump. This usually takes the form of hydraulically powered sliding plates which sweep out the collection hopper and compress the products into what has already been loaded.

Different compactors are used in scrap metal processing, the most usual being the car crusher. Such devices can be of either the "pancake" type, where a scrap automobile is flattened by a giant descending hydraulically powered plate, or the baling press, where the automobile is compressed from various directions until it resembles a large cube



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