Coal Gasifier

Coal gasification is a process of producing ‘syngas’ from coal and water. Syngas is combination of methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour (H2O). And the machine used for this purpose is called coal gasifier. A coal gasifier bears a power of 500kW and consumes heat less than or equal to 9.8mJ/KWh. It weighs 11500kg and requires a voltage of 400V/230V with frequency being 50Hz.

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Gasifier is the heart of a coal-gasification technology. A gasifier gets hydrocarbon feedstock converted into gaseous components A gasifier differs from a combustor due to the fact that by applying heat under pressure in the presence of steam. The amount of air or oxygen available inside the coal gasifier is controlled so that only a small portion of the fuel gets burn.


Features of gasifier:

1.       Poking free plant

2.       Trouble free operation

3.       Equipped with advanced technology Gas Reactor

4.       Easy operation and maintenance

5.       Low capital cost


Advantages of using coal gasifier from environmental perspective:

Having known to problems in coal combustion, viz. acid rain caused by much high-sulphur coal, mercury pollution etc, one of the major advantages of using coal gasification plant is the opportunity to remove impurities such as sulphur and mercury before combusting the fuel. In addiition, the ash produced is in glasslike state which can be recycled as concrete aggregate unlike PC (pulverized coal) plants whose ashes must be land filled.


Benefits of coal gasifier plants:

It can save fuel consumptions of about 70-80%.

·         Easy to operate and not cause a risk.

·         Not having bad or foul smell and is environment friendly too.

·         Has a good ROI- around 2-3 months (usage 16 hours/day).


Applications of coal gasifier:

·         Ceramic kilns

·         Aluminium melting industries

·         Iron ore pallet plant

·         Lime calcinations plants

·         Boiler industries

·         Sugar mill

·         Fertilizer

·         Hot air generator

Biscuit kilns

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