Excavators are the machines specifically used in construction and civil engineering purpose. They are mechanical devices that dig out soil from ground. They are also known as backhoes or diggers. Although they may be different in size, shape or functionality, they serve the same purpose. Its main purposes are soil crushing, breaking, excavating etc.

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An excavator is mainly used for construction and large scale excavation of soil. The machine consists of a house-like cab sitting on a rotating platform. This platform comes with wheels to provide mobility. A human operator sitting inside the cab usually controls the excavator arm.

The excavator machine consists of a long arm with a bucket like container fitted at the end of the arm. The bucket has teeth along its edge to facilitate easy breaking and crushing of soil. The rotating platform allows the arm to carry the excavated debris away from the excavating point. The bucket holds the soil during lifting. Hence a versatile design allows for the use of right drill, scissors and crushing element. 

The two main elements of excavators are the undercarriage and house.

The undercarriage consists of blade, tracks, frame and final drives. The hydraulic motor and gear drives the individual tracks. The house carries an operator cab, engine fuel and oil tanks. The house will be attached to the undercarriage. The oil tanks allow the hydraulic motors top slew 360-degrees unhindered. Attached to the end of the boom is the dipper arm which has a big bucket at the end of it. The capacity of the bucket varies according to the application. It has teeth at the edge to cut through the hard ground and rocks. 


Excavators are entirely built on hydraulic systems. It comes with tracked or wheeled platform. It provides for transportation and a support to chassis. The operator cabin allows a human controller to manipulate the arm. The arm rotates 360-degree. The movement such as raising the boom up or down and controlling the bucket are all independently handled.


1. Boring 

2. Ripping

3. Crushing

4. Cutting 

5. Lifting



• Excavators are used together with loaders and bulldozers.

• Bulldozer like attachments is used for leveling and pushing the removed materials back into a hole. 

• Road constructions make use of excavators by attaching sensors to the bucket and chassis.

• Coal mining makes use of excavators in mining activities

• They are also used in demolishing a house or a building

• Forest mulching

• Driving shafts for footings and rock blasting.

• With snow plougher and blower attachments, excavators are used to remove snow.

• They are commonly used for moving like minerals from one place to another.


• They are small and compact to work on specific tasks.

• Different attachments provide various purposes such as demolition, scarping and picking up objects.

• They can be easily transported from one project to another.



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