Garbage Chute

Garbage Chute a device in high-rise buildings (mainly apartment houses) for removing garbage.A means of transporting waste materials by chute, from the point of disposal in high-rise residential (or office building) to a refuse collection room at the base of the chute.

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 The most common type is the “dry” garbage chute, which consists of a shaft with a ventilation pipe (the upper part of the shaft), loading hatches, and a receiving area (with cans or containers). The shaft, which is usually made from asbestos-cement pipes 400 mm in diameter, should be vertical and have a smooth inner surface and soundinsulating casing. The loading hatches (on the feeders of the chute) are located in stairwells or apartment kitchens. The receiving area is located beneath the chute on the ground floor or in the basement of the building; it should be at least 2.5 m high, 1.5 m wide, and 2.5 m long, to provide space for garbage cans. The possibility of connecting the chute to a vacuum-pneumatic garbage removal system is promising.


1. Durable.

2. Best Quality.

  • Weather proof Stainless Steel construction.
  • Sanitation system for internal cleaning of chutes.
  • Cleaning operation by control panel in garbage room
  • Disinfectants can be sprayed
  • Exhaust system to give minimum 20-40 air changes/hr
  • Intake Hoppers are 900 minute fire rated as per UL Label 10B
  • Auto closing Intake Hoppers
  • Discharge end fire door.
  • Available in different sizes


  • Facilitates total building garbage collection at one single point
  • Garbage disposal with ease & utmost hygiene
  • Reduces Power consumption
  • "Dry" & "Wet" garbage separate collection possible
  • Widely used all over the world
  • Reduces manpower

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