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Painting services are mainly used for decorative painting, interior painting, texture painting services, exterior painting, house painting and also can be used in residential, apartments, villas,commercial spaces,colleges,schools,hospitals etc.

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To make our dreams take shape it’s just not the home but the personal space and this painting services help us making our dreams come into reality. From the process of execution to planning Nerolac Home Stylers will blend seamlessly into our homes.

Different Services offered are:

Interior wall painting:

   When the interior of home is to be painted the factor that needs to be considered is color which enhances the room beauty and also makes the room feel lively by making the appearance better. And most of the people who need painting in interior wall some choose neutral and others go with bright and bold colors. At any situation the painting is done to beautify the home and in short they can be meant as “paint your dreams”.

They are experienced, reliable and we aim to deliver consistently a superior level of service for all our clients who needs interior painting. And our painters take pride in their work, focus on gaining customer satisfaction. Next is the main focus of preventing the furniture while panting and give thorough clean up after work of each day to minimize household disruption.

The range of interior service include:-

·         Family rooms

·         Bedrooms

·         Hand railings

·         Bathrooms

·         Kitchens

·         Walls, ceilings, doors

·         Wood Polishing (detailed later)

·         Play rooms

·         Living rooms

·         Dining rooms

·         Decorative Paints (on MDF, wood, fibres, wardrobes etc)

·         Texture, Stencils, etc (detailed later)


Exterior wall painting:-

 To give a refreshing look and the revamping, a fresh coat of the paint on the exterior will make us feel the change and simply by the color change there will be a huge difference in the building. The exterior painters transform the exterior of our home into elegant and lively which make us proud of our results and there are many experts with lots of industry experience so that the trust is created and you can have the confidence in the result of your houses. So to be unique choose us when there is requirement and all you need to do is contact us.

The range of exterior paining include:-

·         Playhouses

·         Wood siding

·         Stair Cases

·         Gates

·         Garage

·         External Walls


·         Window bars

·         Railings

Texture Painting:-

 In texture painting the service carried out includes all types of texture coating and can be applies with a roller, brush, sponge, trowel and the special here is smooth wall finishing, slap brush texture, orange peel interior, mud trowel, faux suede finish and so on. We have best expertise in texture painting.

Wood Painting:-


To make our home more welcoming and beautiful, adding paint to outdoor wooden structures will help and when the small wooden features outside the home are being painted ensure that the right steps are taken to keep paint withstand for a longer time and weather.

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