Painting Rework Services

This service includes the rework of Painting of interior and exterior wall painting services for home, bungalow, apartment and commercial establishments. Service provider helps choosing the colors for walls as per the client tastes and personality. All painting services are carried out by our very talented and experienced team who will deliver quality work and as per plan and schedule.

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About Product:-

Painting defects can be caused by foreign bodies such as fibers, abrasion from materials handling equipment or dirt on the work pieces themselves, for example. But it is not always so easy to track the cause of contamination. In one case, some rust particles from a filter mounted in the ceiling were the source of defective painting.


Service Type :-

Interior wall painting:-

The range of interior service include:-

·         Bedrooms

·         Bathrooms

·         Hand railings

·         Family rooms

·         Play rooms

·         Kitchens

·         Living rooms

·         Dining rooms

·         Walls, ceilings, doors

·         Texture, Stencils, etc (detailed later)

·         Wood Polishing (detailed later)

·         Decorative Paints (on MDF, wood, fibres, wardrobes etc)



Exterior wall painting:-

The range of exterior paining include:-

·         Gates

·         Window bars

·         Garage

·         External Walls

·         Playhouses

·         Stair Cases

·         Railings

·         Wood siding


Texture Painting:-

This service carry out all types of texture coating and it can apply them with a brush, roller, trowel, sponge etc, This service is a specialist in smooth wall finishes, Orange peel interior, Slap brush texture, Faux suede finish, Mud Trowel and many others. We are proud that we have good texture painters with enough painting expertise.

Wood Painting:-

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