Chute Conveyor

The chute conveyor is one of the least expensive methods of conveying material. It is the simplest example of gravity-operated conveyor. Chute conveyor is used to provide accumulation in shipping areas; a spiral chute can be used to convey items between floors with minimum amount of space required.

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Conveyor chutes are used in bulk handling to perform a variety of operations. In particular, the loading of a belt conveyor, and the transfer of material from one moving belt conveyor to another, are important tasks. Such operations are widely used for the transport of both coarse grain material (such as cereals, mineral ore and coal) and fine powders (as used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries).

In general, a chute conveyor is ideal for the following:-

  • Unit/Bulk + On-Floor + Accumulate
  • Inexpensive
  • Used to link two handling devices
  • Used to provide accumulation in shipping areas
  • Used to convey items between floors
  • Difficult to control position of the items
  • Main method of transport is gravity, making a chute conveyor very inexpensive

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